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Scenario ideas and whole campaigns will be presented here... :-)

Scenario Ideas

Pirates are never friendly...

The PCs jump out of hyperspace in order to recalculate their hyperspace course. Then they hear a scream for help. A passenger liner is under attack! There are at least two pirate ships, one is docking at the passenger liner. One attacks the PCs. After they have finished one of the ships, the other flees into hyperspace with all valuables. The PCs have no time to track the other ship, because a bomb has been placed on the passenger liner and this bomb is willing to explode. Are they brave, fast and stupid enough?


Yggdrasil Ynn

Here I can you present the Map of "Yggdrasil Ynn," a small Bar with tables inside and outside. One cm is about 1.5 m. You can download it in PDF ans SVG format (both compressed using gzip).

Rotating Space Station

This is a plan of a rotating Space Station. The Station has a diameter of about 670m. The circumference is 2106m. It is divided into three identical segments. One segment can be found in the following map.

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