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Last Update: March 2003

Anywhere or anytime from from a bleak near future of post-holocaust Earth, to a culture of high-tech exploration, to a distant time where civilization has risen to incredible heights and fallen to superstitious ruin ...

... SpaceMaster.

In order to survive in any of these cultures, there are a few things you must be good at. You have to be part smooth talker, part scientist and, above all, very fast with your Zapusta M.57 Side-Action Blaster. If not, you will become one of the many, many poor unfortunate souls whose life was too insignificant to even be counted.

But don't let any of this scare you. This is one of the most riotous games I have found for SFRPG. You can play anything from a Han Solo type character to a Spock to a Bester. There are rules for Combat, Item Construction, Psionics, Medicine, etc. Any of which can be thrown out and substituted with home-brew rules if you don't like them. The possibilities are endless. And don't forget the rules for space combat! They are realistic and manageable. Fasten your seatbells, there are many blibs on the screen. It seems like these were some pirate's SMACs. But hold on, isn't there something coming out of HyperSpace?

The brains behind the culmination of all this fun is Iron Crown Enterprises. ICE blesses the internet with their presence here.

Be sure to check the links on the side from time to time. They tend to change their source at random. Its those damned tachyons. You can never predict where one will show up next!

ICE has finally released SpaceMaster Priveteer! Have a look at their homepage! My first impression is good. They changed a lot (I think it is more conform to the new Rolemaster system -- which I do not have), many things I like, some I do not like, but, hey, you cannot do everybody a favour. The weapons and armour have been changed and also the skill system. Skills are now in categories, so that skills can be learned in groups.
SpaceMaster: Priveteers a univers of insanity, the player desperately struggling against an incredible evil. In a hard SciFi setting the war between the inter-species confederation and the empire is presented. Both a melting pod of Falanar, Humans, Kagoth, Oort, Tulgar, Valesion and male Xatosian workers following their hive queen. Come on, grep your plasma-repeator rifle and let's be about this reconnaissance mission. It's easy as taking a candy from a baby... so they say -- maybe they never tried to get a candy out of a baby's hands...

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