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Do you want to save you a lot of work? Than download the software onto your holotransputer via Tachyon link. Please stand by... Your data-transfer rate is 2.3 petabytes/s.

Felix Software-Archiv

Hi Folks!
FELIX gave me all his software. It is now here! Everything is here, waiting for you... But beware! It is not sorted. You will have to do this for yourself. I hope you are now satisfied. If you have anything of FELIX programs left, please contact me! As far as I know the programs should run on win95. Use these programs at your own risk! | | | | | | | | |Data Files

Lasse has sent me software he still had. Thank you very much! It is now included, so you can enjoy it! As it seems we will have to continue the SpaceMaster story ourselfes... :-O

Language Generator

I am working on this one. It will be able to generate words in an "alien" language. At work...


Quick Combat Record

This is a more colourful version of the normal Quick Combat Record. Ready for print!

Character Record

Player Character Record. This is the version I usually use when I play with my friends. It is fit to our needs, so please test it if it suits yours.

The place for your Software

You have written your own software? It is suitable for SpaceMaster? Dann her damit! I will present your masterpiece on my homepage.
Any other stuff is appreciated. Scenarios, Charts, Graphics, etc.

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